Types Of Transmission Media

Sunday, November 9, 2014

twisted pairs cables
fiber optics cable
Bounded media is a physical link that the signal is carried through. It is often a narrow path. This is also called guided media. It is made up of a conductor, which is usually made of copper and is jacketed with material. Bounded media provides high speed and is very secure. Its drawback is that it cannot be used for distance communication because of the physical items that it requires to run.
Bounded media includes twisted pairs cables, fiber optics cables and coaxial cables.

Unbounded transmission of media are the ways of transmitting data without using any cables. These media are not bounded by physical geography. This type of transmission is called Wireless communication. Nowadays, wireless communication is becoming popular. Wireless LANs are being installed in office and college campuses. This transmission uses Microwave, radio wave, infra red are some popular unbound transmission media.